Monday, October 31, 2011

The i75 Spy Pen Camera (8GB)

The CVSL-i75 Spy Pen Camera is a fine writing instrument with a high definition camcorder and digital still camera hidden inside. Place it in your shirt pocket or place it on the table in front of you to capture people in the act. You can even use it as a life blogging device! The possibilities are endless… And it comes with a free 8GB TF / microSD card!

If you’re into fine pens then you’ll recognize brand name pen makers like Parker, Waterman, or even Montblanc. Continuing in that tradition of writing excellence is the i75 Spy Pen Camera that writes as smooth as it makes videos. In fact, when you start using this black ink filled fine writing instrument and experience its flowing cursive elegance, you’ll probably want to begin that novel you’ve always wanted to write.

Great Camcorder and Camera:
The i75 Spy Pen Camera is better than traditional spy pen cameras in that it creates high definition videos! Whereas normal spy pen cameras create VGA quality videos at 640 x 480 pixel resolution, the i75 Spy Pen Camera makes 1281 x 960 pixel resolution videos. That’s DOUBLE the video quality of existing spy pen cameras! As for digital still camera functionality, the i75 Spy Pen Camera takes 3840 X 2880 pixel resolution photos.

Manufacturer Specifications:
* Primary Function: Spy Pen Video Camera with Audio and 8GB Memory
* Lens Info:
Visual Angle: 90
* Memory Info:
TF microSD card slot: Max 16GB (comes with a free 8GB microSD card)
Transfer method: Mini-USB slot (cable included)
* Camcorder (Videocamera) Info:
Video Resolution: VGA quality (1281 x 960)
Audio Recording: Yes
Video Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Recording Format: AVI
Video Encoding Format: MJPEG (Motion JPEG)
Image Ratio: 4:3
Loopback: NO (when memory is full, unit will shut down)
Audio Format: PCM Audio (24000Hz 192 kb/s 1 channel)
Recording Size: 32.2 MB per minute
* Camera Info:
Photo format: JPEG
Photo resolution (pixels): 3840 X 2880
Megapixels: 11 MP (interpolated)
* Battery Info:
Battery Type: Built-in Li-ION Polymer
Battery Capacity: 240mAh
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Charge Time: ~ 3 hours
Recording Time: ~ 2 hours
* Computer OS Compatibility for file transfer: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7
* Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
* Dimensions: 143 mm x 13 mm (length x diameter)
* Manufacturers Ref: SASPJZ73L84N
Package Contents for CVSL-I75:
* Spy Camera Pen
* USB Cable
* USB Power Adapter
* CD with user manual (English) and time setting application
Product Notes:
* Comes with everything you need so you can start using this spy pen camera right out of the box!
* CD comes with drivers for using the pen as a webcam, a file for optionally setting the time on videos, and English user manual
* No drivers or special software needed, just plug and play!
* 8GB memory is able to store over 4 hours of high quality video!
* When this unit runs out of power, it will automatically save the file first before powering down

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